Do You Hear??? Do You Know???

Oh, Church!

“…Under the shadows of our steeples, are all the lost and lonely people…”

So many are hurting, lonely, dying; physically and emotionally. Some you can tell what they are going through and others do their utmost best to hide it. As we do our “church thing”, do we even notice those around us who need JESUS? I’m not talkin’ about noticing with judgmental eyes, but in love, taking the time to notice and minister to those who need HIM? 

Sadly, some of us who go to church and have JESUS in our hearts are the  most stuck-up/haughty people you could ever have the misfortune of meeting! We need to repent, and be MORE LIKE HE IS, reaching out to those who need HIM instead of acting like a PHARISEE or SADDUCEE. Yes, rough talk, but it’s burning in me! We need to repent and reach out, before the TRUMP sounds and it’ll be too late. And the ones we could have witnessed to, or at least ACKNOWLEDGED THEIR EXISTENCE, stand before GOD in eternity and say, “but I didn’t know, nobody ever told me.”

Some of us are so comfortable, we can’t even get on our knees for our kids in this generation. Not just our family members or for our friend’s kids, but for those you see or hear about and judge in you heart, even a little bit.

Don’t be such a one, let’s start behaving more like JESUS, at least a smile and a “hi”, would do someone a world of good, instead of ignoring.