Living for Jesus is not boring, it’s difficult sometimes, but certainly not boring.It’s exciting and fun, with challenges that push you to become all that GOD wants you to be.And as you keep JESUS in the center, you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!

And this space aims at encouraging, inspiring, and holding up THE LIGHT to help you see where you’re going 😀


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  1. LIving a life in Christ is a difficult but rewarding journey, a journey filled with pain and sorrow, at the state of the World, but tempered with peace, joy, hope and above all the LOVE of Christ which gives us the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles, so that we may shine forth as a light to glorify “our Father in Heaven”, by the grace of The Holy Spirit
    God bless you

  2. Thank you for joinimg up with us again, I like your new Blog it has firm lines with strong contrasting colours, it reflects a strong stand… God bless you as you bless others.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  3. JESUS (May he be blessed forever) IN CHRISTIANITY: The second member of the Triune God, the Son of the first part of the Triune God, and at the same time “fully” God in every respect.
    JESUS (May he be blessed forever) IN ISLAM: A very elect and highly esteemed messenger of God. No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe this.

    Al Quran: Surah/Chapter 005 – Al-Mâ’idah. Verse 75.
    The Messiah, son of Mary (Jesus), was no other than a messenger, messengers (the like of whom) had passed away before him. And his mother (Mary) was a saintly woman. And they both used to eat (earthly) food. See how we make the revelations clear for them, and see how they are turned away!

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