Do You Hear??? Do You Know???

Oh, Church!

“…Under the shadows of our steeples, are all the lost and lonely people…”

So many are hurting, lonely, dying; physically and emotionally. Some you can tell what they are going through and others do their utmost best to hide it. As we do our “church thing”, do we even notice those around us who need JESUS? I’m not talkin’ about noticing with judgmental eyes, but in love, taking the time to notice and minister to those who need HIM? 

Sadly, some of us who go to church and have JESUS in our hearts are the  most stuck-up/haughty people you could ever have the misfortune of meeting! We need to repent, and be MORE LIKE HE IS, reaching out to those who need HIM instead of acting like a PHARISEE or SADDUCEE. Yes, rough talk, but it’s burning in me! We need to repent and reach out, before the TRUMP sounds and it’ll be too late. And the ones we could have witnessed to, or at least ACKNOWLEDGED THEIR EXISTENCE, stand before GOD in eternity and say, “but I didn’t know, nobody ever told me.”

Some of us are so comfortable, we can’t even get on our knees for our kids in this generation. Not just our family members or for our friend’s kids, but for those you see or hear about and judge in you heart, even a little bit.

Don’t be such a one, let’s start behaving more like JESUS, at least a smile and a “hi”, would do someone a world of good, instead of ignoring.  

5 comments on “Do You Hear??? Do You Know???

  1. TRUTH SPOKEN! No sugarcoating at all. There should be no offense taken even if guilty. It should be an eye opener that Jesus expects more from us. To be Christlike is like being put under a magnifying glass to see the heart of our Savior, to follow the directions he set for us an example. A great one at that! It’s not judging, but striving DAILY to deny ourselves and our selfish ways to become more like He Who came into the world to set us free from the bondage that enslaves us.

    Thank you for sharing this! May we all take a deep pause and observe with loving eyes to those around us. A gentle word of encouragement call go a mighty long way. Extending a hand, praying and interceding on behalf of a soul is a blessing. We are called to be the Hands and Feet. We are the Body and we need to be about our Father’s business everyday he blessed us with a new day of life. To sit idle and only tend to the needs of those we pick and choose isn’t right. People are dying spiritually, emotionally and physically everyday. WHAT are we going to do?!!

    Choices….. My God I thank you for a renewing mind and a heart to serve your children! Blessed be Your name in all the earth!

    * my spirit is stirred up and I feel the praise coming out and the interceding for valuable lives to be taken before the Throne to be lifted up and set free to live a life of freedom in Christ Jesus! Sister D, I can write on and on but I will stop! Lord knows my heart is for growth and encouragement of his children and for those who have yet to come and know of his goodness through repentance and salvation! I SPEAK LIFE from the crown of each head to the soles of their feet. I bind up every negative thought and action because the enemy is always on the prowl to steal, kill and destroy. O bless the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


    • PREACH! PREACH! PREACH! I’ll be your AMEN corner, Sister T 😀 Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered as touching ANYTHING IN HIS NAME…
      Oh! I’m having church right now! 😀

      • Glory to The Highest Name above all names! Lord let your will be done! Let a burning fire of love consume us, touching lives and making it hard for people to go to hell. Satan doesn’t know who he’s messing with! We have been given authority and power in the name of Jesus. Captives be set free!

        Sister, my praise goes up to the heavens thanking the Father for his anointing, his Holy Spirit who lives in me! If this is preaching, I thank you for it and for being my Amen corner!

        When the praises go up, blessings come down!

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